Funding Request

WJ Booster Club

Funding Criteria & Requests

The WJ Booster Board works very hard to ensure that the funds
raised by the Booster Club are distributed in an equitable manner.
Decisions are made based upon the following criteria:


  •    What is the amount requested?

  •    How many students will benefit directly and indirectly from the expenditure?

  •    Is the money to be spent on equipment or other captial improvement which will be able to be passed on to future users?

  •    Is the expenditure one in a line of similar expenditures by the team, club, etc.? The first? How were the other similar expenditures, if any, funded?

  •    How recently has the Booster Club provided funding for this same team, club, activity, etc.?

  •    How much of the total cost of the project is the Booster Club being asked to fund?

  •    What are the other funding sources for this project, if any?

  •   To what extent has the group contributed to Booster Club activities and fundraising

  • All requests must be submitted no later than 5 days before a Board Meeting, using the online form. There will be no   exceptions.


Coaches & Sponsors

Use the Online Funding Request Form
to submit your requests to the Booster Club


Click Here for the Funding Request Form


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