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Commissioner's Role


We encourage each team/club to have one or several commissioners working in a collaborative way with each team's/clubs coach/sponsor. We can explain what the commissioner should/could do to assist the coaches, however, each coach/sponsor should decide that independently with their team’s/club’s commissioner, using the guide below.



Booster Commissioner Chairs


All Athletic Commissioners should make contact with the Athletic Booster Commissioner Chair at:


All Clubs Commissioners should make contact with the Club Booster Commissioner Chair at:


Who Are Commissioners?


Booster Club Commissioners are parent volunteers who serve as liaisons between the Booster Club and each school activity or team.


How Are Commissioners Chosen?



Commissioners volunteer through coaches and activity sponsors. It is recommended that two commissioners be selected, one who may graduate and another who will fill the role the following year.



Commissioner Duties and Responsibilities

  •     Become a member of the Booster Club
  •     Attend monthly Booster Club meetings (if possible not required)
  •     Encourage all activity/team parents to join the Booster Club (a must please)
  •     Solicit help from sponsor, students and parents to participate in all Booster Club fundraisers
  •     Communicate needs of the activity/team to the Booster Club
  •     Athletic Commissioners work with the coach and the Booster club to coordinate the team celebration in conjunction with the      seasonal Athletic Awards. Additional info on the awards ceremony will be forthcoming by the Booster Sports Commissioner.
  •     Competitive Club Commissioners work with the coach and the Booster Club to coordinate the end of year celebration in conjunction with the annual Competitive Clubs Awards night.  Additional information on the awards ceremony will be forthcoming by the Booster Clubs Commissioner.

*NOTE:   Booster Club funds are available for awards for teams and clubs that win the highest level of competition in their sport.  Commissioners may request up to $65 per player up to a maximum of $1,625 per team.  Requests should be made within the school year of being earned so that seniors may receive their awards in a timely fashion.


Additional Suggested Duties and Responsibilities

  •     Assist the sponsor/coach with communication regarding activity/team events with parents
  •     At the beginning of each season, create a roster with emails and phone numbers for ease of communication
  •     Encourage parental and community attendance at games, events, and award ceremonies
  •     Arrange with parents for carpools/transportation to away games/events if needed when buses are not available or are inconvenient.
  •     Consult with sponsor/coach at the end of the academic year regarding your continued term as Commissioner or to secure a replacement for yourself for the next school year



   We understand that teams and clubs may want to pursue fundraising efforts to enhance the extracurricular experience of our students.  There are guidelines that must be followed.

  •     Teams and clubs may not have accounts outside the school that contain the WJ name or the formal name of the WJ club or team.
  •     All fundraising efforts, (excluding concession stand work…but including “dine out” fundraisers) must be approved by the school.  Contact Kathy Cosgrove, WJ Business Manager, at for approval.
  •     Parents and/or commissioners may not purchase items for a team or club in advance and then seek reimbursement through a fundraising effort by the team or club, nor may they retroactively seek reimbursement through a funding request presented to the Booster Club.  
  •     Commissioners are encouraged to keep an unofficial ledger of all fundraising efforts to pass along to future commissioners.


Miscellaneous Fundraising Information On Club & Athletic Accounts

   Clubs and teams may raise/earn/collect money for their respective groups in three ways:

  •    Work the concession stand for the Booster Club-$75 is guaranteed for each work  session no matter the “take” on concessions for the night.
  •    Submit a funding request to the Booster Club
  •    Independent fundraiser (e.g., “dine out” night)

Monies raised/earned/collected by clubs (excluding Ice Hockey and Crew) are placed into an account at the WJ School Bank.  To access monies earned by clubs, the club sponsor must email WJ Business Manager Kathy Cosgrove at

   *NOTE: Competitive Clubs such as Ice Hockey and Crew are independent 501(c)(3) organizations, and as such, do not have a permanent club account at WJ.


Monies raised/earned/collected by athletic teams are placed into the general WJ Athletic account.  There are no sub accounts for individual teams. To access monies earned by teams, team coaches must contact Tom Rogers, WJ Athletic Director.

   If an athletic team makes a request to the Athletic Director for funds, and it is denied, for whatever reason, the coach may, with the permission of the Athletic Director, present a funding request to the Booster Club for the desired item (s).  Equipment, uniforms, supplies etc. needed by a team MUST be requested by the coach via the athletic department first. Food and other personal items to be kept by students are not considered qualified Booster requests.

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