Clubs at Walter Johnson are unique in that we have many, and often all that is needed is a sponsor to support the club interest of students. However, funding for those clubs are restricted to start up funds – often provided by the SGA, self raised funds, or funds through the Booster Club. In an effort to better understand how the Booster Club can help support all our extra-curricular activities, including clubs please note the following:

To Receive funding from the Booster Club

  • Clubs must be recognized by the school
  • Clubs must have a school bank account
  • Items being requested must meet the criteria set by the Booster club for approval
  • Clubs must support Booster via volunteering at various major fundraisers (Book Sale, Mulch and others)
  • Click here to fill out a funding request form

Ways to raise funds via the Booster Club

  • Determine which items can be considered for funding under other WJ school funds. (Some items may fall under SGA, or department expenses)
  • Identify which items might be submitted to the Booster Club for funding consideration. (Funding Forms are found on the Booster webpage, and must be submitted prior to a scheduled Booster meeting to be considered)
  • Work the Booster Club Concession stand to earn shares (cash) towards your funding needs (there is no cash exchange for working major fundraisers, but assistance at those events is still required if wishing to submit a fund request)

Booster can also help PROMOTE your CLUB/EVENTS

  • Post news about your club on the Booster website. Photos, events, etc. can be promoted via Booster.
  • Use the resources in the school for advertising: SGA monthly lunch meetings, Daily Line Up announcements, Booster Meetings, GAC meetings and more.

Parent Involvement

As needed, enlist the help of your parents to act as liaison between Booster and your club. Students can also be liaisons, however, any specific fund requests must come from the sponsors. Booster can help in so many ways, if we communicate with each other regularly. Having a ‘commissioner’ or ‘liaison’ can help promote that communication. Please see the additional information regarding commissioners – it’s a unilateral form used for all extracurricular activities.  

For Additional Information or Questions Email:


WJ All-School Booster Club

6400 Rock Spring Drive
6400 Rock Spring Dr.• Bethesda • MD • 20814